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Vets Helping Vets

The National Motto of The Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association is:

“Vets Helping Vets”, and this motto represents an important function of our chapter. These pages are offered to help represent some of the efforts of our chapter in helping our fellow veterans here in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire Vet in Need – October 13, 2020

Yesterday we were able to assist a veteran whose septic system had failed. But, while we were able to help with coordination and parts, the real heroes were Landry and Son Excavation. Not only did they volunteer their time and equipment, they did all the work. Also want to give a shout out to B.H. Cameron Septic Services who came out immediately to pump the tanks for us. It is always great to see local organizations come together to take care of members of our community.


Franklin, NH Vet in Need – December 27, 2019

CVMA got word that there was an older veteran in Franklin that had sewage back up into his house. Jason “Scuttle” Downey, CO of V-1 and Kevin “Schu” Schumacher, Road Captain, who is a plumber, went to look and saw just how bad it was. They pulled together supplies and replaced all the sewage piping in the house. Rowell’s Services came out that evening and cleared the pipe to the road and broke up roots that cracked the piping. The next day CVMA and the American Vets VMC were back on site. Landry and Sons Excavation came in and replaced the sewage pipe from the house to the road. Servpro will be going out tomorrow to clean up the sewage in the basement. Want to give a big thanks to those involved for helping. CVMA 5-2 great job rallying the troops to do what we all do best, vets helping vets. With all your help we were able to help this veteran in need, and continue with our mission to help all our brothers and sisters.


New Hampshire Veterans and Families Toy Drive

December 7-15, 2019


Fuel for Vets – Dutile and Sons Oil Company has helped vets in need of oil for many years.  CVMA has once again put together a run September 28, 2019 to raise money so this company may continue with their help of vets.


Wreaths placed in Boscawen to honor veterans
December 15, 2018

A yearly event to honor our veterans–the laying of the wreaths at the Boscawen Cemetery during the holidays–pulls together many organizations together.  A great time to connect with friends and remember those that are gone.

Thank  You Cards for Donations Made from  Summer 2018 Rides

2018 Rides, set up by our Road Captain Raymond “Mule Skinner” Dore,   have allowed us to donate money to veteran organizations in need.  Two such organizations are Freedom Fuel and Warriors @ 45 North.  Click the photos to see thank you notes from each organization.

Freedom Fuel Thanks for another donation to their organization –Click here

Donations made to Pease Greeters – August 13, 2018

We had the honor of presenting the Pease Greeters with a donation of $1000 to help them with their mission. We also provided them with 100 razors, which were generously donated to us by Gillette, to give to the troops.

The mission of the Pease Greeters is to ensure that every member of the Armed Forces that passes through Pease International Airport receives a proper send off/welcome home. If you get a chance to attend one of their greetings, you will not be disappointed. More information can be found by visiting their website.

Donation made to Honor Bound – August 2, 2018

David Peoples “Peeps”,  Commander of Chapter V-1, hands off razors to Honor Bound. These razors will eventually be donated to the Virginia VA Hospital.

CVMA Greeting with the Pease Greeters-Sunday morning July 1, 2018

Memorial Day Preparations–Thank you CVMA Members!

Each year our members help with the placing of flags at the Boscawen Cemetery and this year was no different

A Thank You from The Liberty House in Manchester, NH 

Liberty House Mission

Liberty House provides a safe, respectful and substance-free transitional housing community for homeless American Veterans committed to a path of independence and self-sufficiency.

CVMA Chapter V-1 Gives to the Tilton Veterans Home

October 25, 2017

David “Peeps” Peoples, Chapter V-1 commander and Raymond “Swede” Schwendeman, NH CVMA State Rep., presented The Tilton Veterans Home with about a hundred razor packets today.  More distributions to come–thanks Gillette!

Then in November Becky “Boo” and David Peoples stopped by the Library in Kingston, NH to donate more razors for their Homeless Veterans Drive.

Gillette Company gives to CVMA to give to Vets

October 11, 2017
David “Peeps” Peoples, Chapter V-1 commander, presented The Gillette Company with a plaque of appreciation for giving to his chapter approximately 500 shaving kits to distribute to veterans in need.  Thanks Gillette!!

In attendance from left to right:

Marie Tremblay (Production Manager),

Sue Wallace (Operations Department Leader),

Mike Eriksen (Plant Manager), David Peoples (CVMA V-1 Commander)

Joan Witkowski (Human Resources Manager)

Gillette Company gives to CVMA to give to Vets

September 2017
A gathering at David “Peeps” People’s home to organize 500 gifts of men’s razor blade kits, generously given to CVMA by The Gillette Company.  These kits will be given to NH veterans in need.

Fuel for Troops 2017

September 2017 Chapter V-1 raised $700 to help Dutile Oil Company have the ability to help other Veterans in need of oil for their home.  Pictures for run in 2017 Photos.  Picture on left is Mike Dutile who was present at the Fuel for Troops Run spearheaded by Raymond “Mule Skinner” Dore on September 9th. On the right is Mike’s brother, Don, who stepped in for Mike to accept our check presented by the Chapter V-1 commander, David “Peeps” Peoples.

Prior welder gathering
Presentation Time

Welding Machine Presentation

July 18, 2014
Robert “Six Pack” Pickard, Peter “Weasel” Winnen, Michael “CAS” Castranova, and Richard “Celtic” Mills represented CVMA NH V-1 in presenting the Boscawen Veterans Cemetery Maintenance Section with a new welding machine.

Greeting at airport

Pease Greeters at Work

April 24, 2014
Pease Greeters, Bloody Mary and Dracula, along with Cooter of CVMA present a check to Pease Greeters from CVMA Chapter I (Pix on left)
Welcomed by our CVMA Members are Coffelt and Hummer, CVMA members from Chapter 23-5 at Ft Hood, Texas (Pix on right)


Stipend Presentation

Stipend presented to Tiffany Quint, a combat veteran, working to continue her education at Keene State College. Stipend being presented by Willie Wilbur and Karl Pollock


Stipend Presentation

Stipend presented to one of our own, Nic Pollock, a combat veteran, working to continue his education at Keene State College. There to help with the presentation is, from left to right Joseph Trudelle, Dean Pursell, Nic Pollock, Willie Wilbur, Gordon Roy, & Skip Wheeler.


Wreath Laying at the Boscowen Veteran’s Cemetery

CVMA Members pitching in to help with the laying of wreaths at the Boscawen Veteran’s Cemetery.  December 2013. Upon completion CVMA presented a check for $400 to “Soldiers Helpers” -an organization –Serving Those Who Serve Since 2003— for their continued support of our veterans. 


Stipend Presentation

Stipends presented to two of our finest.  Combat veterans  working to continue their education.  Congratulations to them both!!

10th annual Operation: Thank You!

IN PORTSMOUTH — Several thousand people attended the

10th annual Operation: Thank You!

Sunday to pay tribute to New Hampshire servicemen and women and to raise money for military families in need.

Click  SeacoastOnline to see our story



Golf Cart Presentation

Golf Cart to Make Visits To Veterans Cemetery Easier
Mike Farinola of the CVMA said the idea was “a no-brainer” for his group, which in the past has purchased therapy equipment for the state veterans home, funded scholarships and organized deep-sea fishing trips for veterans

Story Here


Hand-cycle Presentation to NH Vets

June 26, 2013

In partnership with Ed Walter and Andrea Walter of NHCars along with CVMA a donation was made of a Hand Cycle to the NH Veterans Home in Tilton, NH. Thank you to Margaret “Peggy” LaBrecque, NHA Commandant for helping to bring this opportunity together.

Read the story in the  Union Leader


Flag Presented to the Poker Room

Flag presented to the poker room in gratitude for the generous opportunities in helping us to continue our mission of Vets Helping Vets
–Special thank you to Anthony Capone and Les Nishi


Donation Presentation to Pease Greeters

Joe Neal & Mary Boucher presents check to Chairman of Pease Greeters,Chuck Cove while Kelly Ayotte looks on

CVMA NH V-1 voted to donate a gift to The Pease Greeters whose mission is:

  1. To welcome troops passing through Pease International Airport on their way to, or from, Afghanistan or Iraq, or any other areas of conflict in any part of the world.
  2. To create within the Pease Trade Port an environment that reflects the respect and high esteem in which we hold all veterans.
  3. To promote broad participation by the general public in this welcoming of heroes, paying special attention to the education of school children by instilling respect  and admiration for the troops through formal ceremonies for each flight.

Certificate of Appreciation to CVMA V-1 for help with TROOPS TO TRUCKS PROGRAM

Troops To Trucks’ Helps Veterans Get Commercial Driver Licenses

Concord, NH – The NH Division of Motor Vehicles is kicking off a new program designed to help veterans obtain commercial driver licenses by making use of their military vehicle training and experience.
Troops to Trucks allows veterans trained in the operation of heavy vehicles to apply for a waiver of the commercial driver license skills (road) test and obtain a New Hampshire CDL by passing the written exam.

For more information  NH Div of Motor Vehicles    for the details


Stipend Presentations

Stipends presented to SPE Joel Eugenides and SGT Michael Connors during a March 5, 2013 meeting at the National Guard Aviation Facility in Concord, NH


Stipend Presentations

Michael “Raven” Fariola presented stipends to two New Hampshire ROTC Cadets who are also prior service Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. The stipends were awarded to Cadet Matthew Dennehy and Cadet Daniel Keegan at the ROTC Ceremony on the UNH Campus.  In attendance was Richard “Scout” Mills, Lynn “Coach” Santosuosso, Alex “Oddball” Fogg, Allan “CB” Stapley, Phil “Bad Boy” Spitalere, Stacie “Kernal” Farinola, Bev Stapley & Karen Schwendeman. (not all in photo)


Moved by Reading of Fallen Soldiers’ Names

On Veterans Day, Nov. 11, 2012 a special tribute was paid to all the fallen service-people of our great country. Organized by the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association, they are a nationwide group dedicated to supporting and defending those who have defended us.

The whole story in the   seacoastonline… Bill Nostrom of Newmarket


Donation Equipment Presentation to NH Veterans Home in Tilton

October 23, 2012
Robert & Sue Pickard along with Joe and Mary Boucher helped with the presentation of gym equipment for the New Hampshire Veterans Home in Tilton, NH


Support of SERVE Act Announced by Congressman Bass

A few of our own CVMA Members were able to show their support of the new law   SERVE Act   announced by Congressman Bass on August 9, 2012

Basic summary:
The SERVE Act would increase the quiet time before and after military funeral services during which disruptive protests are banned from 60 minutes to 120 minutes; increase from 300 feet to 500 feet the buffer zone around a military funeral service; increase from 150 feet to 300 feet the buffer around the access point to a funeral service area; and increase criminal and civil penalties on violators. It was inserted into HR 1627 as an amendment by Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-ME)

Raven Speaker

Memorial Day 2012 Speaker – Mike “Raven” Farinola

Memorial Day 2012

Mike Farinola, CVMA’s PR, was selected by the American Legion Post 35 to be a guest speaker at the annual ceremonies in Hampton, Hampton Falls and North Hampton.


Richard Mills and the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association Receive Recognition from John Lynch and the State of New Hampshire

John Lynch recognizes Richard Mills, the commander of the Combat Vets Motorcycle Association of NH, for his service in the United States during the Vietnam War, at Bow High School May 25, 2012. Mills was a paratrooper in the 101st Airborne Screaming Eagles division. Michael King (second from right) was also recognized for his service in Vietnam, where he served with the military police from 1967 to 1968.

To view full size PDF click  Here

Vet tester

NuStep–A gift to the NH Veteran’s Home in Tilton, NH from CVMA

February 18, 2012

NuStep–a total body, low impact machine–was unveiled as a gift from the
NH CVMA V-1 to  New Hampshire’s Veteran’s Home in Tilton, NH.

CVMA in the news  here     Click  here for a personal note from United States Senator Kelly A. Ayotte.


Stipends Awarded to ROTC

Richard “Scout” Mills emceed while Michael “Raven” Fariola presented stipends to two New Hampshire ROTC Cadets who are also prior service Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. The stipends were awarded to David Taylor and Ben Smart at the ROTC Ceremony on the UNH Campus.


Donation Presentation to Liberty House in Manchester, NH

Commander Richard Mills and NH State Representative Bobby Broneske present a donation to Liberty House from Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association V-1.

For more than a decade, Liberty House in Manchester, NH has been providing a safe, supportive, substance-free housing community for American veterans transitioning out of homelessness. To see more about the Liberty House click  here


Donation Presentation to NH State Office of Veterans Services


Public Relations Officer Mike Fariola presents a donation from CVMA Chapter V-1 to Mary Morin of the New Hampshire State Office of Veterans Services

For more information on their services click  here 


Stipend Presentation to Army Guard Members


Stipend presentations to two Army Guard members with Al Stapley, Alex Fogg, Richard Mills and Raymond Schwendeman in attendance.


Chapter BBQ Fundraiser Ride


Chapter BBQ Fundraiser Ride from several north locations (some roundabout to Massachusetts–Joe) to Route 1 Hampton Falls, NH—THE POKER ROOM


Commendation from NH Governor John Lynch


Commendation from New Hampshire Governor John Lynch in recognition of CVMA Chapter V-1’s efforts to help improve the lives of New Hampshire Veterans.


The New Hampshire State Veterans Advisory Council


Two CVMA Chapter V-1 members, State Rep. Bobby Broneske and Public Relations Officer Mike Fariola, sit on The New Hampshire State Veterans Advisory Council. The Advisory Boards function is to advise local, state, and federal officials on pending legislation and other matters that impact New Hampshire veterans.