Court Room Flags A Gift From NH CVMA Chapter V-1

Six flags representing military branches and POW/MIAs were posted in a courtroom last August at the 9th Circuit – District Division – Manchester. They will be displayed whenever Veterans Behavioral Health Track hearings are held. The purpose is to provide an alternative to the traditional criminal justice system for justice-involved veterans and service members. The flags were donated by the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association, a national, multi-generational veteran’s fraternal organization. The group was founded by Vietnam vets. The members, from left to right, front row include Dannel Mayhall, Jeremy Dingman, Richard Chandonais, Wendy Laweneek, Larry St.Laurent, David Peoples, George Jones, Kimberly Alberico, Patricia Blais, John Blais, Debby Vatistas, Pete Vatistas, Larry Ward and Charles Alberico. In back row: Frederick Croes, James Peace, Russell Brady, Robert Downie, Crystal Downie, Justus Keith, Raymond Schwendeman, Christopher Pelletier, Paul Hyson and Ron Baldwin. (COURTESY) – See article at:

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